Thursday, October 20, 2005

Auntie Google's Guide to Link Exchange Etiquette

When etiquette of any kind is used in dealing with people, everything goes a lot more smoothly. Etiquette draws lines between what is acceptable and unacceptable.

Auntie Google's Guide to Link Exchange Etiquette

1 - Have a Link Exchange Policy (LEP). Let Webmasters know How to trade links with you. Is it simply by e-mail or using software on your site?

2 - Make sure that you make it perfectly clear what information is to be included in or within the link they place on their page. This is very important because the wrong information about your site on another site undermines the entire reason for link exchanging.

3 - Make sure that you, in return, get the correct information from the start that you will be adding to your site linking to theirs. This becomes a bit much when exchanging links via e-Mail. Most Link Software takes care of this. I highly recommend LinkMachine.

4 - Respond to e-Mails within 24 hours when possible! Just let the Webmaster know that you got the e-Mail even if you aren't able to get to their link request right away.

5 - If you do not wish to exchange links, send a short e-mail explaining why. This will save the other webmaster time. As a Webmaster you know what Auntie's talkin' about!

6 - Carry through! It is unfair not to. Quite frankly I call it dishonest.

7 - Notify webmasters that you link with if there has been changes to your site that would effect where they would usually find the link back to their site.

8 - Remember how busy we can become. At the same time remember that it's the same for other Webmasters. Give them a break. Be patient. Always be sure to send a reminder e-Mail if you have not gotten a reply regarding link exchange requests you make. If there is no response after a reminder is sent it is well within reason to remove any links you may have added to their site!

9 - Back to #2 for a moment, in reverse - Use the link details the other Webmaster wants you to! Why? because I told you too! Jus' kiddin', Hon. We all have certain keywords we wish to use in our links for "keyword optimization". You expect that from another Webmaster, dontcha?

10 - If ya want your Link Exchange to work follow Aunties advice.

11 - If ya wanna be a LinkMaster - Be a great one, Hon.

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Helpful Networks - SEO

Well, Auntie doesn't give props to just any ol' site ya know, but I came across one today that I found to be, well, FAB!

Talk about an SEO site and it's FREE!

I'm not going to go on and on about it as you will see for yourself what an amazing job has been done with the site. See for yourself, Hon! By the by - Helpful Networks gets an Auntie Google Scoring, (that's AGS, Hon!) of 9.

You go, Helpful Networks!

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Auntie Google Sites Get Google PageRank!

Three Auntie Google Sites Get Google PageRank

How excited am I, Hon? Three of my sites have been ranked by Google.Com! - PR 3 - PR 5 - PR 6

Be sure you get listed on these sites!
NOTE: DumbPenguins.Com is for Webmaster Resources ONLY!

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Free Traffic!

Hey, Hon!

I continually forget (SURPRISE!) to tell you which Traffic Exchange Programs I use. Back in the day I always called them TEPs, and still do. They are a great, not to mention fun, way to get free targeted traffic to your site. well, here's the list - Finally!

There are 7. One for each day of the week when I'm not using them all at one time using tabbed browsing. Well, you'll understand once you see them!

Traffic Swarm

Traffic G

Webmaster Quest

Hit Sense


Click Voyager


Much emotion,

Auntie Google

All for you, Hon!


What a morning so far..........

Auntie did not sleep well at all last night and is feelin' a tad bit cranky! I wasn't sleepin' well, but then Auntie Bernice called me at 3 AM to tell me she was vomiting. GOOD MORNING! love her too.

I fired up the old machine and went through my e-Mails and found that my last e-Letter went out to only 68 of my 600 subscribers. I was not amused. Well, hon, I sent another one out and it didn't include the information from the last one . Well, some of it did, but let me bring you up to speed. Hmmmm. "speed" and "cranky" in the same post. Anyways - I now have the following goodies on the
main site:

Auntie Google's Reciprocal Link Partners Search Engine. Get listed!
The Auntie Google Game.
The Auntie Google Forums.

Do the old broad a favor and check these goodies out! There all for you, Hon!

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Monday, October 17, 2005


Oh, the Powers that be!

Auntie was up late last night and has been working all morning. Things are gettin' pretty busy and there was not enough room on some of my pages for everything, so I had to reformat the site a bit! A bit? never mind.......

Those of us who are of the "otherworld", and by that I mean Cyber-Space, keep very odd hours sometimes. Why? Because we are passionate about what we do and perhaps a little neurotic. Not a word Les! I'm warning you! I'm assuming, because you are reading a BLOG about SEO and Link Exchange, you are part of the "other-world" (by the way - that makes you "other-worldly". Kewl, huh?) and are well aware of what the hell Auntie is saying here!

There is one word that will help - COFFEE!

Check things out and let me know whatcha think about the new layout.

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Saturday, October 15, 2005

URLTrends added to Auntie Google.

Hello darlings!

Auntie has come across a great site that I have implemented into the site. It is called URLTrends.Com.

I was going to place a link next to each listing for Alexa, but when I saw URLTrends I thought, girl, why bother? URLTrends gives you ratings for Google PageRank, Google Link Popularity, Alexa Page Rating, Alexa Link Popularity, Yahoo! Link Popularity, MSN Link Popularity and MORE!

Be sure to check out your sites STATS at URLTrends.Com

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Thursday, October 13, 2005

AOL Going "Feeds"!

Wow! I decided to get my name, "Auntie Google" as my screen name on AOL so that I could stay in touch with my friends there (and, of course, to spy on them and see which questionable little chat rooms they sit in), all in the name of SEO.

Well, I went to MyAOL.Com and got to see the BETA of My AOL. It allows you to add
newsfeeds to your page. You can check it out by clicking on Add to My AOL

You can learn more at , as I am not sure if you can access it with an AIM Screen Name or if you haveta join AOL. I'm hoping it is the former!

Ah, yes - Auntie Google's own "feed" is (this goes into an RSS Reader and NOT in your browser address bar): With this URL you can get updates automatically sent to your reader!

If you still don't know what the hell I'm goin' on about check out my article on RSS and Readers (will open in a new window).

See ya on-line, hon!

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

OK - Link Exchange for Dummies!

Link Exchange is a very important aspect of SEO and a vital source of getting targeted traffic. Let us first see what actually Link Exchange refers to.

Link Exchange refers to swapping of links with another webmaster! You put a webmaster's site's link on your web site and in return they put a link back to your site from their web site and at that point we say the links have been exchanged! Got it?

How to get our Link Exchanged?

This is a nice question though quite simple to answer! What you do is just search for sites with your keywords! These are the sites to which you are competing! Fear not, my darlings. You would see a large number of sites coming up! You don't have to Exchange Links with all of them. Just contact a few 10-20 site's webmaster per day, and do this very politely to have a Link Exchange. Here's an example of my e-Mail to potential link partners:

Dearest LinkMaster,

Get two links for your one! Yup! Listed twice on my site for your one reciprocal link. (Just a feature of my site)

My name is Auntie Google, and I run the web site Link Exchange and SEO with Auntie Google I recently found your site (SITES URL) fabulous and am very interested in exchanging links with you.

I've gone ahead and posted a link to your site, on this page: RECIPROCAL LINK LOCATION ON YOUR SITE

PLEASE NOTE: You may change your category! A
LinkMachine Feature.

As you know, reciprocal linking benefits both of us by raising our search rankings and generating more traffic to both of our sites.

Please post a link to my site as follows:

Title: Link Exchange and SEO with Auntie Google
Description: Link Exchange, SEO and RRL - Relevant Reciprocal Linking basics with Auntie Google.

Once you've posted the link, let me know the URL of the page that it's on, by entering it in this form:%EDITURL% - A feature of the software I use LinkMachine

You can also use that form to make changes to the text of the link to your site, if you'd like.

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Note: A very important thing is your TITLE, that is also called anchor text! That is what the search engine robots see to know that this is the "THEME" that this site is based on! So choose this Title very carefully. I keep our 'primary keyword' there and you also need to do this!

Please give at least 7 days to the webmasters to put a link back to your site!

Now-a-days, you may see various Link Exchange Software. These are very good solutions for Exchanging Links quickly and easily. Just fill in the form and you are done! I use, once again,
LinkMachine. It automates everything!

Now another great way is to join a Link Exchange programs arranged by various sites. They care for every thing from Step one, introducing the webmaster to check the links and then finalizing the Link Exchange.

Good Link Exchange programs (that means I use them!) are - Reciprocal Link Exchange Directory Service For Webmasters! and Link-Exchanged.

Now I talked about targeted traffic at the beginning... So where is my targeted traffic? They are right there! You remember whom you emailed and exchanged links with? With your competitors! Suppose you exchanged links with 1000 sites and even if they send 1 visitor to your site then... just analyze for a minute! Thousands of targeted ( I WILL REMIND YOU AGAIN OF MY FAVORITE LETTERS: RRL - RELEVANT RECIPROCAL LINKING) traffic towards your site!

Now do you remember I talked about anchor text (the wording of your links)! Most search engines just look for the anchor texts and rank accordingly! The more space you find to place your anchor text the higher ranking in the search engines you get! And we already know that 85-90% of traffic comes from search engines and they are targeted... what could be more targeted than somebody typing the thing you offered!

These are justa few reasons Link Exchange is very important. So when you do Link Exchange campaign just remember the above information and you will make Auntie Google proud!

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Take it from Google!

Want to know what someone wants? Go straight to the source. Many people aren't even aware of how in-depth the Google site is. Well, there is tons of information to help a webmaster get listed! How do they say these days? Peep this out:

Webmaster Guidelines - This is from Google's site!

Following these guidelines will help Google find, index, and rank your site. Even if you choose not to implement any of these suggestions, we strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to the "Quality Guidelines," which outline some of the illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index. Once a site has been removed, it will no longer show up in results on or on any of Google's partner sites.

Visit the Google.Com page.

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

DO NOT use the words "click here" in links!

Hello sweeties!

We hear all of the time in these wonderful days of SEO that the anchor text in a link is very important in search engine ranking, yet I continue to see things on a web site such as: For more information click here. (No, hon, it's not a real link!)

If you want to know how this "dilutes" your keyword density simply do a search on Google or Yahoo for the words "click" or the word "here" and see how many results you get! Not good.

The message? KEYWORDS in your links!

That's it for now!

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

The Good and the Bad of SEO From Googles Mouth!

I saw this article today and thought it was a MUST READ! enJOY!

Much emotion,

Auntie Google

Monday, October 10, 2005

Comparrison: Web CEO & IBP 8 - SEO Software

Comparison Web CEO and IBP 8

This one wasn't easy!

Web CEO and IBP 8 both offer free versions. Before ever trying the paid version of any product I always do the "trial run" first to see what I can get for free (tell me you don't!).

I used WEB CEO for a while before becoming aware that IBP 8 even existed and found it to be a very valuable Search Engine Optimization tool. Then along came IBP8. Knocked my nylons off!

I will be going with IBP 8, but I urge everyone to try things out for themselves. Here are the links for both programs: IBP 8 and Web CEO

Much emotion,

Auntie Google